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Photo: Metropolitan Business League

Jack has a long history of supporting supplier diversity and minority business development. That is why he was the MBL’s first non-minority board member. He has my full support in his run for mayor.”

– Oliver Singleton, President of the Metropolitan Business League (2003-2016),
Jack Berry for Mayor Campaign Co-Chair until his death in April 2016


Photo: Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jack’s commitment to public education is genuine and undeniable. He developed a 5-year funding plan that we could count on, and found extra money to address school priorities. He developed an amazing partnership with Superintendent Stewart Roberson and the School Board resulting in a successful campaign for the largest school bond referendum in the county’s history.”

– John Gordon, former chair of the Hanover County School Board and Board of Supervisors


Photo: NCTA

Jack’s leadership skills are extraordinary, as evidenced by the success of the Richmond Folk Festival. At a critical moment, he stepped up when no-one else did, and took ownership of the challenge of launching a major new event in Richmond. Without Jack’s leadership there would be no Folk Festival. Under his leadership it has become the pride of Richmond.”

– Julia Olin, Executive Director of the National Council for Traditional Arts


The Richmond Folk Festival is a model of leadership, creativity, execution and inclusion. That skill set is exactly what City Government needs at this point in time.”

– Zarina Fazaldin, preservationist and Richmond developer in Historic Carver


Photo: Richmond Magazine

Jack is action oriented. He knows how to get things done, by listening, collaborating and bringing diverse people together. He is a unifier and a doer.”

-Michel Zajur, President of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce




Photo: EMS World

When Richmond’s largest ambulance company collapsed in 1990, Jack Berry was assigned to manage the crisis. He restructured the City’s EMS system and served as the first president of Richmond Ambulance, which has become an award winning national model. His collaborative approach in a high stakes situation was remarkable.”

– Dr. Joseph Ornato, VCU’s Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine


Jack Berry contributed significantly to Richmond 2015 (UCI World Road Cycling Championships) as a member of our Steering Committee and Board of Directors, and under his leadership Venture Richmond created and orchestrated a successful and impressive opening ceremony for 12,000 guests.”

-Wilson H. Flohr, Jr., CEO Richmond 2015



Jack is the son of civil rights leaders in Lynchburg in the 1960s. His mother was a public school teacher (the first white teacher in an all-black school) and his father directed the city’s social services department. As Jack’s pastor, I watched him create a backpacking camp for inner city kids that provided life changing experiences for children that had never been outside the city. I am not surprised that he is willing to step up to serve the city that he loves.”

-Rev. Herbert Moore, a longtime family friend


My plan of action for the City of Richmond

My plan of action for Richmond

My other top priority is to unite the community around public education, working closely with city and school leaders and community stakeholders to address longstanding financial and performance issues.

Jack Berry

Why I'm running for Mayor of Richmond

Why I'm running for Mayor of Richmond

I’m running for mayor to make Richmond a magnet of opportunity for young people, families and businesses, and a more hopeful place for those who have been left behind.

Jack Berry


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